Making use of gingerbread for the special festival i.e. Christmas goes back to gothic Europe. The supporters had taken back ginger from Arabian nations, it is said. The ‘fusion chefs’ of past times tested the striking ingredient, ginger.

Gingerbread bakes were one outcome of the effort of the early Hestons and Ferrans. Their innovation, plus the curative power of ginger against the winter cold and its additive qualities as well, turned gingerbread bakes feel unique. The custom of creating gingerbread houses as such is said to have materialized in Germany during the 1800s motivated by the Grimm’s fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.

Two centuries afterward, it has currently made its way to India as well.

Chef Anirudhya Roy, the Executive Chef of the Taj Lands End hotel in Mumbai, has headed a squad that has made a huge gingerbread house in the hotel’s entrance hall this year.

She keeps learning global confectionery styles and introduced gingerbread houses around 4 years back to her customers. These houses currently occupy delight of place at her store window exhibits. She has witnessed a boost in people purchasing and bringing home gingerbread houses.

Whether gingerbread aromas and flavors will turn out to be mainstream, remains a question mark.

Ginger flavours in desserts is not very familiar to the Indian palate after all. Ginger powder, as saunth in chaats, unites India no doubt, but there are hardly any mainstream mithais or mishtis with ginger in them.

Whether the Christmas gingerbread roasting will turn out to be a part of the country’s celebratory culinary fabric, as the Plum Cakes have become at the moment, is something that only time can enlighten.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Though a new tradition, Roy witnesses fans relishing the innovation of gingerbread houses and discovers that a lot of people are buying them for their kids. A phenomenon witnessed in Delhi as well, by Ipshita Mazumdar Chakladar of The Hot Pink Cake Studio.

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